Now you can play the same music inside and out!

Experience “Connected Sound” when you blend Soundcast and Sonos. It's simple−extend the party when you integrate your indoor Sonos wireless music system with your outdoor Soundcast portable speaker system.

How it Works

Soundcast portable speakers make a great addition to any Sonos music system. Simply add a Sonos Connect (ZP90) to your Soundcast OutCast or OutCast Jr. and the Soundcast UAT transmitter. You can even use the Sonos remote app to control both systems!

What You'll Need to Connect:

  • Sonos Connect
  • UAT
  • OutCast and/or OutCast Jr.

Step 1:

Using the RCA audio cable included in the UAT package, connect “audio out” located on the rear panel of your Sonos connect to “audio in” on the Soundcast UAT transmitter.

Step 2:

Ensure that your UAT is connected to an AC outlet and that your OutCast speaker and UAT are set to the same channel.

Step 3:

Open your Sonos app, look under Sonos “Connect Zone Menu” add to group under “Portable” and your OutCast speaker will be ready to play music outdoors.UAT transmitter.


  • Setting the Sonos Connect (ZP90) zone's audio to 'variable' will maintain volume control from the Sonos app and will also require volume control on the Soundcast speaker(s).
  • Setting the Sonos Connect (ZP90) zone's audio to 'fixed' will deliver full volume from the Sonos and all volume will be controlled by the Soundcast speaker(s).
  • You may also operate up to two Soundcast speakers per transmitter.
  • Refer to the user’s manual of your Sonos system or your Soundcast system for additional setup instructions not mentioned in this guide.