OutCast Jr.

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The OutCast Jr. is a more compact version of our award winning OutCast, but still delivers amazing sound in an even more mobile weather resistant speaker design. OutCast Jr's incredible 360º sound and 15 hour battery life bring unparalleled quality and mobility, so you can enjoy your music wherever you go. Take OutCast Jr. anywhere- beach, camping, boating, snow, or just out for a BBQ. Use the BlueCast, iCast, or UAT transmitters to tailor your audio needs and stream your music wirelessly.

  • Weather Resistant for On the Go Lifestyle
  • Built-in Keypad Controls
  • 15 Hour Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • 6.5” Woofer and 60 Watts of Audio Power
  • Incredible 360º Sound
  • Built-in Keypad Controls
  • Use Indoors, Through the Home, and Outdoors on the Go!
  • Comfort Carrying Handle
  • Built-in AUX input port
  • 12-Volt Automotive Adapter 
  • Works with BlueCast Bluetooth® HD receiver
  • Customize with a SkinIt® Wrap

Award Winning