• VG7

    SKU: VG7

    Designed and Built to be Used Outside

    Our VG7 is the premier Power Portable™ speaker that was made to be used and enjoyed in the outdoors. Neither rain, snow, fog, dust, sand, extreme heat (140°F, 60°C) nor extreme cold (-4°F, -20°C) can stop our VG7 from making crystal clear audio.


    Redefining Versatility and Portability 

    Our VG7 weighs 21 lbs and has an ergonomically designed handle to make for easy carrying.Our VG7's 7", downward-firing subwoofer with separate amp delivers powerful bass that can rock your backyard or any destination you may bring the VG7.


    Audio Perfection

    Four 3", audiophile quality, aluminum, dome drivers provide crystal clear sound that will play your music the way the artist intended. The vertical tower design of the VG7 and four opposing-staging speakers deliver incredible sound quality in 360° around the speaker.



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