Our Soundcast ambassadors share their stories and playlists.

Johnny Fisher

Soundcast Ambassador

Johnny Fisher grew up in Mobile, Alabama and is now the co-owner of two restaurants in Orange Beach, Alabama. He grew up listening to music on his parents’ record stereo. He listened to the Rolling Stones, The Hollies, Marty Robbins, and Charlie Pride. The music he listened to in his childhood definitely influences the music that he listens to today as well as the playlists he makes for each of his restaurants. His first job in the restaurant business was as a dishwasher at a legendary place in Mobile while he was in high school. The best part about his job is creating memorable experiences for people that visit his restaurants. He loves all types of music, he loves to reach out and see what’s new while also playing the classics. Lately he’s been listening to Lizzo. Music is extremely important to him and his restaurants. It’s as important as the food, design, hospitality, and the atmosphere. Several songs bring back memories for him; Long Cool Woman, London Calling, and In Excess name a few . His older sister took him to the Uriah Heep/ Blue Oyster Cult tour where his mind was blown back in high school.